Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my web mail?

"Click here - once your browser has found the webmail login page enter your full email address and password in the spaces provided and click on the button labelled "Login".

Add this site to your favourites so you can find it easily at a future date.

How do I set up my email (POP) in MS Outlook?

POP is a protocol used to retrieve email messages from an Internet email server. Generally, when you use POP is it best to use it from one particular computer. When you download your messages, the POP email server stores them for your later retrieval. If you go to another computer to connect and retrieve that same message, it will no longer be on the POP server.

You can also download a copy of new e-mail messages and not delete items from the POP3 e-mail server. This is useful if you check your POP3 e-mail account from a number of computers or profiles. For example, you can download a copy of the messages on your work computer, and then on your home computer, you could download the e-mail messages and delete them from the POP3 server.

If you’d like to setup POP on your Outlook account:

  1. On the Tools menu, click E-mail accounts.
  2. On the email accounts page, select add new email account.
  3. On the server type page, select the POP3 radio button and click next
  4. On the email accounts page, type in all the information requested, i.e., your name, email address, etc.
    1. Your email address will have been supplied to you
    2. Your user name is the same as your email address
    3. The incoming server name will have been supplied to you
    4. The outgoing server name will have been supplied to you
  5. This step is VERY important:
    1. Click More Settings
    2. Click the Outgoing Server tab
    3. Check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
    4. Click Ok
  6. Click next and then finish.
How do I set up my email (IMAP) in MS Outlook?

The purpose of IMAP is to allow a client to have server-based email management. With IMAP, a client does not need to download and store its own messages. All messages can be manipulated and stored on the server.

To setup IMAP in Outlook:

  1. From the tools menu -> select email accounts.
  2. Click -> add a new email account -> click next
  3. On the email accounts page -> select the IMAP radio button -> click next
  4. On the email accounts page -> fill out all of the necessary information. Be sure to put in the incoming and outgoing server.
  5. Click -> more settings.
  6. Click -> the outgoing server tab.
  7. If your outgoing server requires SMTP authentication, check the box labeled as such.
  8. Click -> the advanced tab.
  9. If your server requires a secure connection, make sure that those boxes for the incoming and outgoing servers are checked also.
  10. Click Save.

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